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Sollars Interiors

Sollars Interiors specialise in producing bespoke painted kitchens and free standing individual kitchen centrepieces .

We use either carcasses made specifically for us by a specialist carcass maker or our own hand finished birch ply carcass built from the finest birch supplied from a specialist renewable source supplier.

The carcass is then teamed with a cabinet door style of our client's choice made from oak, tulip wood or high grade moisture resistant MDF. We only use renewable source suppliers.

To compliment the door chosen, our clients are given the opportunity to add an unlimited array of individual design touches such as overmantels, island units, Belfast sink units, carved features and mouldings.

The doors and ancillary fittings are then undercoated, primed, rubbed down and top-coated in our own paint shop using modern low emission materials or the latest cutting edge waterbourne coatings.

In our opinion, a Bespoke painted kitchen although understandably more costly than an off the shelf design gives you the opportunity to have a truly individually designed and adaptable hub to your home. 

Please contact us for more information about what we can provide for you.

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